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Pink Floyd The Dark Side Of The Moon 3D Lenticular


This stunning new Pink Floyd The Dark Side Of The Moon print designed by Cuyler Smith is a three dimensional, 2 image flip featuring the iconic triangular light prism. The prism has become a symbol of psychedelia, the counterculture, and of course has come to represent not just the album The Dark Side of the Moon, but has also become an all-encompassing logo for Pink Floyd themselves. It's printed on the highest quality PET Pearl Film, and if you've seen or purchased a lenticular print from us in the past, you know that digital renderings do not do justice to what the actual prints look like in person. 


$100 each
Artist: Cuyler Smith
Size: 24" x 18"
Edition Size: 250
3D / 3 Image Flip Lenticular Print
Hand Numbered 
Holographic sticker on back of print for authenticity 
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