Rush 2112 Oracle: The Dream 3D Lenticular Print

Rush 2112 Oracle: The Dream 3D Lenticular Print


"I see the hand of man arise. With hungry mind and open eyes.”

We're continuing our officially licensed Rush 2112 art series, in which different amazing artists each illustrate a section of 2112, with Oracle: The Dream by Cuyler Smith! This is the second piece in the series, the first being Temples of Syrinx by Palehorse released in 2020. 

To better understand this art, we'll give you the quick version of Rush's masterpiece 2112. The title suite of Rush’s 2112 album is set in a totalitarian society where the evil priests of the Temples of Syrinx keep everyone in line. Stability is threatened when a young man finds a guitar, learns to make music on it, and believes the world needs to hear of his great discovery. After the priests of the temple destroy the guitar and banish him, he is met by an oracle in a dream who shows him a world where music and creativity flourish. 

In this illustration, the classic Rush iconography Starman is standing before the Oracles… RUSH! As you view the print from different angles, you will see different images with incredible depth. It is only an edition of 212 and should go quick!

$100 each
Artist: Cuyler Smith
Size: 24" x 18"
Edition Size: 212
3D / 3 Image Flip Lenticular Print 
Hand Numbered


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