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Pantera Goddamn Electric by Matt Ryan Tobin (Dirt Edition)

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    • Illustrator: Matt Ryan Tobin
    • Edition Size: 120
    • Print Size: 18" x 24"
    • Print Method: Screenprint 
    • Hand Numbered: Yes
    • Authenticity: Collectionzz holographic sticker on back of print
    Behind The Poster

    Behind The Poster

    Reinventing the Steel was released on March 21, 2000, twenty years ago, and the music and the memory live on stronger than ever today. By all accounts, the album marked a renewed creative spark and sense of brotherhood within the group. "I felt like things had turned a corner," Vinnie Paul recalled to Revolver. "We kind of wanted to go back and really grab some of those things that people liked the most about Vulgar and Cowboys [From Hell], and Phil's exact words were that he wanted to make a record that was 'more anthemic,' lyrically."

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