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Rush 2112 3D Mini Lenticular

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Lenticulars ship flat and cannot be combined with the shipment of paper prints. Multiple lenticulars may be ordered and shipped in the same package, but please order lenticulars separately from paper prints. Thank you.
  • Illustrator: Cuyler Smith
  • Print Size: 8.5" x 11"
  • Print Method: 3 Image Flip 3D Lenticular
  • Authenticity: Collectionzz holographic sticker on back of print
Behind The Poster

Behind The Poster

The title suite of Rush’s 2112 album is set in a totalitarian society where the evil priests of the Temples of Syrinx keep everyone in line. Stability is threatened when a young man finds a guitar, learns to make music on it, and believes the world needs to hear of his great discovery. After the priests of the temple destroy the guitar and banish him, he is met by an oracle in a dream who shows him a world where music and creativity flourish.

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