Genesis The Last Domino! Tour

Genesis The Last Domino! Tour


Genesis just wrapped up their hugely successful, and final tour of Europe, Great Britain and North America. Called The Last Domino? Tour and fittingly it ended with three sold out nights in London where the band first began in 1969.

We had the pleasure and honor of producing the final concert poster ever for the band (hence the "!"), which were available at the London shows, and now available here in very limited quantities. We are also releasing a Collectors Edition of the print, which focuses on the beautiful Genesis related references through their 50 plus years (Can you find them? Answers on the bottom!).   

“So many visuals come to mind for Genesis. Having  the pleasure  to create something that honors the long arc of the band’s career, along with their very last tour was truly inspiring. I grew up listening to all types of music and Genesis was definitely in heavy rotation. 

With this design I wanted to capture the the band’s music living on forever, at the same time recognizing that their touring was coming to an end. The door represents the touring part of the band’s history coming to a close. The light shining from within the doorway representing the joy that their music will bring for generations to come. Check out all the little Easter eggs from so many of Genesis’ album covers worked into the design.” -Arian Buhler
$40.00 ea
Illustrator: Arian Buhler
Print Size: 18" x 24"
Print Method: Offset Lithograph
Authenticity: Holographic sticker on back of print for authenticity


$75.00 ea
Illustrator: Arian Buhler
Edition Size: 75
Print Size: 18" x 24"
Print Method: Screenprint
Hand Numbered: Yes
Authenticity: Holographic sticker on back of print for authenticity




1.) The moon from Duke upper right corner in the night sky
2.) Star from Genesis (1983) is below the moon
3.) Line from ABACAB under the name Genesis
4.) Mountain range from Foxtrot gate fold album cover
5.) Horizontal lines in field from Selling England by the Pound
6.) Head and croquet arch from Nursery Cryme (inside the doorway)
7.) Pitch fork from Selling England By the Pound (inside the doorway)
8.) Tree from Wind and the Wuthering (inside the doorway)
9.) Boy (under the tree) from We Can't Dance (inside the doorway)
10.) Bird from A Trick of the Tail (inside the doorway)
11.) Hand from Invisible Touch


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