Signature Series: Aerosmith's Tom Hamilton "Sweet Emotion"

Signature Series: Aerosmith's Tom Hamilton "Sweet Emotion"


Aerosmith is America's Greatest Rock N' Roll Band with over 150 million records sold, and the man behind the thumping bass of the band is founding member Tom Hamilton. Tom has flawless note choice and impeccable timing with a sound that provides the perfect amount of “umph” to drive the hard rock band. Not only is Tom considered one of the greatest bass players ever, who inspired the sound of bands like Guns N' Roses and Metallica, he's also co-written several of the band's biggest hits like "Sweet Emotion."

We are so proud to have created a piece of artwork with the talented Vance Kelly to honor Tom Hamilton, which Tom was kind enough to sign all of the copies for us! This beautiful art is a 9 color screenprint on a high quality chipboard paper autographed by Aerosmith's Tom Hamilton!

$100.00 ea
Signed by: Aerosmith's Tom Hamilton
Illustrator: Vance Kelly
Edition Size: 100
Print Size: 18" x 24"
Print Method: 9 Color Screenprint
Hand Numbered: Yes
Authenticity: Holographic sticker on back of print for authenticity

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