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Mötley Crüe Dr. Feelgood's Patients

Mötley Crüe Dr. Feelgood's Patients


We created a set of prints featuring Dr. Feelgood's most notorious patients... the boys in Mötley Crüe! Each set of prints come with Nikki Sixx, Vince Neil, Mick Mars and Tommy Lee and are not sold separately (why would you want them separate anyways?!). 


Dr Feelgood has always been my favorite out of all of Mötley Crüe's album cover artwork, it just nails that amazing era of fantastic 80s metal and rock album artwork that I grew up on and inspired me so much to become an illustrator so the opportunity to play with and expand on that concept was too good to past up.

It was a lot of fun to get aspects of each artists personality and persona and work it into their 'affliction' that would express themselves as Dr. Feelgood 'treats' them in his asylum. - Rhys Cooper


$175.00 - Set of 4
Artist: Rhys Cooper
Size: 12" x 36" each
Edition Size: 200
Holographic sticker on back of print for authenticity

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